The № 1 HAIRPIN: a unique hair tool

The № 1 HAIRPIN: a unique hair tool

Every 5 minutes someone around the globe purchases our Nº 1 Hairpin.

Our journey with the № 1 Hairpin has been a special one. We would like to show you more in depth why the № 1 Hairpin is such a unique hair tool different from anything else on the market. The design of the № 1 Hairpin started in Fiona's hairstyle salon. She listened to the customers needs and combined that with her experience from doing hair all over the world. She wanted to create the missing piece: a hair tool that is elegant, easy to use and that is able to create endless looks in all different types of hair. After years of developing and testing, the № 1 Hairpin was born and has grown into a huge international success! 

The № 1 Hairpin is made from polycarbonate and is flexible in the right areas. The material is durable and hygienic and made from one piece. You won't feel any sharp edges. The design also prevents kinks and marks in the hair, which is different from many hair ties and other clips. This makes it even easier to switch between hairstyles. The № 1 Hairpin is waterproof and anti static. 

Tip - The way the № 1 Hairpin is designed is to slide through the hair with the legs of the pins spreaded sideways (not vertical). This way you will have the best grip and prevent damage to your pins. 

Our lock is strong! The round shape fits enough hair to keep your hair in place all day. The lock is closed off by the legs of the pin, which prevents the hair from slipping out. This way the № 1 Hairpin replaces at least five bobby pins. 

Curved shape:
Another unique feature; the curved shape of the № 1 Hairpin. This decision was made to give optimal comfort. The shape forms perfectly to your scalp, so you can lean your head back on your car seat or on the couch without feeling the pin in your hair. It's painless! Another great effect of the curved shape is that it puts less pressure on the hair. 

Hair quality:
Due to the unique shape and the special material, the chance of hair breakage has disappeared. There will be no hairs that are stuck with the removal or unnecessary hairs that are pulled out.

The № 1 Hairpin comes in 9 beautiful colors, which you can buy in one big set, or you pick the color you love most. We also have collection sets in which we combine colors. And keep an eye out, because we are always developing new colors or combinations! 

The № 1 Hairpin is a revolutionary hair tool that should not be missing in your collection and that can make your life a lot easier! Endless hairstyles created in less than a minute.

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