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Fiona Franchimon

Why Fiona Franchimon?

Stylish, chic, elegant! The perfect touch to any day, any outfit and any hairstyle. The femininity of each piece brings an elegance to you.

How to style our pins?

Style with any outfit, from the most basic outfit to a black tie event. Our pins are sure to make you feel a million dollars! Work with our pins to discover your colour or purchase one of our collections to make the most out of different shades to suit different outfits.

How to use our pins?

Use our pins by watching the tutorial videos below!

What colour pin should I choose?

Start off with what you like the most and work your way to incorporating different pins into your beauty cabinet by experimenting different looks! We recommend starting off with the pin that is most you and becoming comfortable and familiar with the pin and adding as you go!